9D breathwork is a combination of breathwork and a range of different vibrations, sounds and frequencies designed to access the subconscious mind, release trapped emotions and traumas and helps to rewire the brain.



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Are you stuck in a situation in your life and want more clarity?

Are you stuck in a thought carousel or can't find a solution to your problem?

Do you want to release internal blockages or stuck energies in your mind, body or soul?
Do you want to strengthen your self love?

Do you want to boost your self confidence?
Do you want to build a deeper connection to your mind, body and soul?
Do you want to break free of patterns?
Do you want to release your trauma?

Do you want to discover yourself on a new level? 

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Personal and spiritual transformation

Desire to learn and grow spiritually 

Feeling of being guided by a higher power or presence 

Sense of new found purpose or meaning in life

Sense of inner peace and contentment

Feeling of connection to something larger than oneself

Sense of being more present in the moment and less reactive to stress

Desire to live a more authentic, value-driven life

Feeling of being more connected to others and to the world around you

Sense of liberation or release from traumas, complexes, negative patterns or behaviors

Feeling of increased clarity and insight into one's own life and the world