Human Design for Nervous System Regulation, Trauma Care and Mental Health Therapy  

What is Human Design?

Human Design is not a belief system, but rather a synthesis of Ancient and Modern Sciences:

  • Eastern and Western Astrology
  • Hindu-Brahmin Chakra System
  • Chinese I'Ching
  • Kabbalistic Tree of Life
  • Quantum Physics, Biochemistry & Genetics

It creates a comprehensive map of an individual's personality and life path. It provides insights into one's strengths, weaknesses, and optimal decision-making strategies based on their unique blueprint.

Human Design aims to empower individuals to live in alignment with their true nature and fulfill their potential.  

Heal your mental health with human design

Many individuals struggle to fully embrace their design because they often try to force themselves to embody the highest frequencies of their chart. Sadly, this approach tends to backfire, leading to heightened anxiety, fatigue, and feelings of inadequacy.

Human Design offers a unique lens through which to explore mental health by examining how our blueprint influences our psychological well-being. It provides insights into our individual trauma responses, vulnerabilities, and coping mechanisms.

By integrating Human Design principles with evidence-based mental health practices and psychology, individuals can navigate challenges, foster holistic well-being, and align with their true selves for greater fulfillment and inner peace.

  • Understanding and regulating your nervous system according to your design
  • Exploring the true essence of emotional awareness and expression
  • Learning methods to break free from inherited conditioning and expectations
  • Discovering techniques to reprogram your thoughts and behaviors
  • Engaging in shadow work to release subconscious patterns 

How I set myself apart from other Human Design coaches

Many individuals explore Human Design out of a sincere desire for personal growth and understanding. They embark on this journey hoping to find insight and guidance to navigate their lives more effectively. However, as they delve deeper into their charts, they may encounter a disconnect between the descriptions and their lived experiences. This dissonance often arises from the tendency to operate from a place of conditioned behavior rather than embracing their authentic selves.

Despite recognizing patterns of self-sabotage and understanding their conscious behaviors, individuals may find themselves grappling with lasting change. This is because Human Design, in its basic form, may not fully address the complexities of trauma and its impact on the body, particularly the nervous system.

While Human Design offers valuable insights, it may not provide all the tools needed for holistic healing, de-conditioning, and realignment. Acknowledging and addressing the effects of trauma and a dysfunctional nervous system becomes essential for those seeking profound and lasting transformation. 

As a trauma-informed and somatic breath therapist, my approach involves delving into the shadow self within Human Design, aiming to illuminate the subconscious beliefs shaping your life and mental health. By uncovering these hidden influences, I guide you in clearing, healing, and reprogramming, empowering you to fully embody the potential you've glimpsed within your bodygraph.

Shadow Human Design Analysis 

Dive deep into your shadows of your Human Design bodygraph and learn how to finally let go of your conditioning. Uplevel your mental health in 3...2...1

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